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F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of this website?

The website presents in searchable form and on a map, what kind of international connections the institutions of higher educations have, where studentships can be obtained. In addation it serves a teaser function to the cities/universities.

2. How much the website usage cost?
The usage of the website is completely free. But if you want to upload, comment, etc. to your institution, you have to register.
The registration is free, and can be done in two ways:

  1. regular registration: you have to give us your basic data (name, username, e-mail address, etc.)
  2. Facebook registration: if you choose this way, you have to login with your Facebook account, and you will be automatically registered with it

3. What can be uploaded to the system?
You can upload media curriculums to your institution in the "Upload" menu, and you can see the them in the "Upload management" where you can edit or delete them.
The website allows the followings:

  1. blog/website: blogs writed by students, websites read/edited by them (it can be about the institution or city)
  2. documents: reports by students who are studied in the institution (allowed file formats: .doc, .docx, .pdf, .ppt)
  3. images: images from the institution, or the city of the institution
  4. videos: videos taken in the scholar period

The uploaded content are inspected and filtered by our adminstrators. If a user uploads violator content more than once, we block his account, in more serious situations he must face the legal consequences!

4. How the studentships can be managed?
You can add studentships in the "Add studentship" menu. You can choose the country, city and the institution to you want to add the studentship with the help of the drop-down menus, and after that you must select the start and end date of the studentship (you must provide real dates). The added studentships can be viewed in the "My studentships" menu.

5. How can I upload profil picture?
You can do this in the "My profile" menu under the "Upload profile image" section. Once you saved it, it will appear in the right side. This picture will appear too next to your comments.

6. What can I do when I forgot my password, how can I change my password? 
If your forgot your password, you can request a new one under the registration by clicking on the "You can request a new one here" link and providing your e-mail adress. The password will be sent to you by e-mail.
You can change your password in the "My profile" menu in the box which appears when your click on the "Change my password" link.


7. How the search function and Google Maps work?
The search function is on the left side of the website under the user menu. You can search with the help of the search field, drop-down menus and the buttons underneath these options.
If you type something in the search field (eg.: "Budapest"), and then you click on the search button, the map will jump to designated location, if the condition can be found in the database. If there is a result to the search conditions, then the matched institution(s) will appear under the map.
With the help of the drop-down menus you can search to the country, institution, facult or department.
You can add a new block containig drop-down menus with the "Add new search block" button.

With the "Delete filters" button you can delete the foregoing search results, and you can put the map in starting position.

If you searched a institution (or more) and you clicked on one of them, you can view the partnerinstitutions that belong to the searched institution(s) with the "Show partners" checkbox.

On Google Maps you can roam freely by holding down the left mouse button while dragging the mouse around (or by using the directional buttons located in the upper left corner), zoom in and out by rolling the mouse roller (or using the slider on the left side), and switch between default map and satellite view by click on the "Map" (Térkép) and "Satellite" (Műhold) buttons.

8. What functions can I use on the datasheet of a institution?
If you choosed the wanted institution, you have the following opportunities:

  • you can view the blogs/websites, documents, images, videos that you or others uploaded to the given institution
  • you can comment using your Tempus Foundation or Facebook account with a built-in word processor, or read the other students comments

9. How the built-in word processor works?
It is similar to the basic functions of any other word processor: bold, italic font style, aligments, fonts etc.

10. How can I delete, block my account?
To delete or block your account, you must click on the "Delete my account" button in the user menu. If you choose to delete you account, all of your data (basic data, uploads, etc.) will be deleted from our database, but if you choose to block it, then your data will remain and you can use your account in the future if you write about this to a administrator of your institution. You can do this in the "Contact" menu.

If you have any further questions, you can ask it here: Contact

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